Latest funded deals

  • $360,000.00 are already well-received and well-invested

    We funded and supported his real estate investment in Encino, Los Angeles. $360,000.00 are already well-received and well-invested. Thanks to being a direct money lender we are capable of closing deals from $150K to $25 million quickly and ignoring the market's uncertainty.

    Location: Los Angeles, California

  • Refi commercial

    Funding $4,836,500 in 11 days!

    Our client contacted us to refinance a commercial property - retail spaces in San Jose, CA, purchased to generate income. Lending Bee offered acceptable rates, terms, and structures of our loan facilities and funding him $4,836,500 in 11 days. The borrower will use the loan funds to pay off debt and make capital upgrades.

    Location: San Jose, CA

  • Wooohoooo! $300K this time in 6 days!

    Our client required a refinance cash-out for the multi-family residence in Whittier, CA, and got the 12-month loan in less than a week We funded it directly, with our own capital!

    Location: Whittier, CA

  • We recently closed a loan in a beautiful residential area in Toluca lake, CA!

    Acting fast, funding fast. Purpose of the loan: Refinance cashout Loan amount: $500,000 Closed in 5 days

    Location: Whittier, CA

  • Lending Bee funded a $3,166,000 cash-out loan with a two-year loan term, secured by a commercial building in Sacramento, CA.

    The borrower wanted to cash out for business purposes, i.e., to improve the subject property. Closed in just ten days.

    Location: Sacramento, CA

  • Lending Bee funded a seasoned investor within nine days!

    Our team helped a seasoned investor acquiring and managing commercial properties in California, who sought additional funds for his deal. The deal was funded within 9 days. It was used to purchase the commercial property in San Diego, CA, which will continue to operate in the rental model as the borrower planned.

    Location: San Diego, CA

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  • A great investment project in Woodland Hills has just received financing from Lending Bee!

    ● Funded Single Family Residence ● Loan amount: $905,000 ● Purpose: Refinance ● Loan term: 18 months ● Funded in: 6 days

    Location: Woodland Hills, CA

  • Another great RE project is about to be launched in CA with the help of Lending Bee!

    Purpose of the loan: Purchase of the investment property Type of property: Single family residence Loan amount: $320,250.00 Location: Los Angeles, California Funded in: 5 days

    Location: Los Angeles, CA

  • Refinance just funded

    Lending Bee quickly approved a hard money loan to refinance a single-family residential property in Los Angeles, CA

    The borrower's situation needed a rapid decision from Lending Bee. We came through for the borrower and quickly approved a hard money loan to refinance a single-family residential property in Los Angeles, CA. The borrower got money and the 12-month loan in less than a week and paid back the initial hard money loan using the BRRRR strategy. It worked out great for the client, as he got the urgent help he needed. As an outcome, our client could keep the SFR property and convert it into a rental house.

    Location: Los Angeles, CA

  • FF refinance

    We funded our client within seven days with no hidden fees and personal income qualifier!

    Investing in real estate for Fix & Flip is a great way to build wealth while creating a passive income stream. However, to fund the purchase of your new fix-and-flip property, you sometimes need to obtain a new loan and refinance an existing one. That was the challenge that our borrower faced. We understood how important it was for our client from Pasadena, CA, to take the next step toward achieving his financial goals. That's why we have funded our client within seven days with no hidden fees and personal income qualifier. The proceeds will pay off his existing mortgage and fund renovations of a new property.

    Location: Pasadena, CA

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