At Lending Bee Inc., we’re not just lenders; we’re your partners in making sure you never miss out on an incredible opportunity because you were waiting on funds. Our bridge loans are here to keep your deals moving smoothly and swiftly, just like you need them to.

Flexible Solutions Tailored for You

Every real estate deal is unique, and we believe your financing should be too. Whether you’re working on residential flips, commercial investments, or anything in between, we offer flexible loan terms that fit your project and your timeline. We’re all about crafting solutions that work for you, with interest-only payment options that keep your financial stress low while you focus on nailing that perfect investment.

Loan Programs

1.  Refi’s & purchases


1st Liens

  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Start rate of 9.99%
  • 12 – 24 months loan term
  • No Minimum fico

2nd Liens

  • Up to 65% CLTV


1st Liens

  • Up to 75% LTV (may go higher in some cases)
  • Start rate of 9%
  • 12-24 months
  • Must debt-service or have plan to debt-service
  • Internal valuation or BPO
  • Need Environmental Report (in some cases)

Please, note: We are craving a tailored approach, so this program is more of an informative nature, to give you an approximate understanding of what to expect from us during making a decision to fund or not. These criteria may vary depending on your exact property and scenario.

Are you in need of quick and flexible financing options to bridge the gap in your real estate transactions? Look no further than Lending Bee, your trusted hard money lender in California. Our California bridge loans provide the essential funding you need to seize time-sensitive opportunities and ensure smooth transactions in the competitive real estate market. With our expertise and dedication to client success, we are here to support your real estate ventures every step of the way.

Fast Funds When You Need Them

We get it. In real estate, a day can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve streamlined our process to be as quick as possible, aiming to get you the funds you need within 24 hours. Our goal is to help you jump on those too-good-to-miss deals by making our funding fast, reliable, and straightforward.

What are Bridge Loans?

Bridge loans in California, also known as gap financing or swing loans, serve as a temporary financing solution that “bridges” the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing one. These short-term loans provide immediate access to funds, enabling you to secure your new property without having to wait for the sale proceeds from your current property. At Lending Bee, we understand the importance of timely transactions and offer bridge loans tailored to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Hard Money Bridge Loans

  • Speed and Efficiency: Bridge loans offer expedited financing, allowing you to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities in the real estate market. With our streamlined approval process, we can provide quick access to funds, ensuring you never miss out on valuable investments.
  • Flexibility: Our bridge loans are designed to be flexible, accommodating various property types and borrower profiles. Whether you are a real estate investor, homeowner, or business owner, we have the right loan solution to suit your unique requirements.
  • Temporary Financial Relief: Bridge loans provide the financial relief you need when faced with overlapping mortgages or pending sale proceeds. By bridging the financing gap, you can confidently move forward with your real estate plans while avoiding unnecessary stress and delays.
  • Customizable Terms: At Lending Bee, we understand that each real estate transaction is unique. That’s why we offer customizable loan terms to align with your specific needs. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to structure a loan that fits your timeline, budget, and investment goals.

How Bridge Loans Work

Hard money bridge loans operate on a short-term basis, typically ranging from a few months to a year. Once your new property purchase is complete, the sale of your existing property is expected to generate the necessary funds to repay the bridge loan. During the loan term, you will make interest-only payments, ensuring minimal financial burden while you await the sale of your property.

Expertise You Can Count On

Our team at Lending Bee Inc. isn’t just experienced; we’re passionate about real estate. We’ve seen all sorts of transactions and challenges, which means we’re well-equipped to guide you through your bridge loan, offering insights and advice that can only come from years in the field. We’re here to answer your questions, big or small, and to make sure you feel confident at every step.

 Why Choose Lending Bee for Bridge Loans?

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the hard money lending industry, Lending Bee boasts a team of seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of bridge loans. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process and ensure a seamless borrowing experience.
  • Quick Approval Process: Our efficient approval process allows for fast decision-making, ensuring you receive the necessary funding when you need it most. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and commitment to delivering timely solutions to our clients.
  • Competitive Rates: We offer competitive interest rates on our bridge loans, making them an affordable option for borrowers. Our transparent pricing and flexible terms ensure you receive a loan that meets your financial goals without breaking the bank.

We know trust is everything in our business. That’s why we’re committed to transparency and honesty from start to finish. No hidden fees, no unexpected terms—just clear, straightforward financing that makes sense for you. Our clients come back to us time and again because they know we’re here to support their success, not just our bottom line.

We Are Your Partner in Real Estate. 

Choosing Lending Bee Inc. means more than just getting a loan. It means having a partner who’s as committed to your real estate goals as you are. We love seeing our clients succeed, whether it’s turning a fixer-upper into a dream home or closing a deal on a commercial property. We’re here to provide the bridge loans that make those successes possible, with a team that’s cheering you on every step of the way.

Secure Your Real Estate Success with Lending Bee’s Bridge Loans

When it comes to bridge loans for your real estate endeavors, Lending Bee is your trusted partner. With our quick and flexible financing solutions, you can navigate the complexities of the real estate market with confidence and ease. Don’t let financing gaps hinder your progress—partner with Lending Bee and bridge the way to your real estate success.

Contact us today to learn more about our bridge loan options and how we can support your real estate aspirations. You can also visit our Blog page to get the latest terms and market updates.

Latest funded deals

More projects

$360,000.00 are already well-received and well-invested

We funded and supported his real estate investment in Encino, Los Angeles. $360,000.00 are already well-received and well-invested. Thanks to being a direct money lender we are capable of closing deals from $150K to $25 million quickly and ignoring the market's uncertainty.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Refi commercial

Funding $4,836,500 in 11 days!

Our client contacted us to refinance a commercial property - retail spaces in San Jose, CA, purchased to generate income. Lending Bee offered acceptable rates, terms, and structures of our loan facilities and funding him $4,836,500 in 11 days. The borrower will use the loan funds to pay off debt and make capital upgrades.

Location: San Jose, CA

Wooohoooo! $300K this time in 6 days!

Our client required a refinance cash-out for the multi-family residence in Whittier, CA, and got the 12-month loan in less than a week We funded it directly, with our own capital!

Location: Whittier, CA

We recently closed a loan in a beautiful residential area in Toluca lake, CA!

Acting fast, funding fast. Purpose of the loan: Refinance cashout Loan amount: $500,000 Closed in 5 days

Location: Whittier, CA

Lending Bee funded a $3,166,000 cash-out loan with a two-year loan term, secured by a commercial building in Sacramento, CA.

The borrower wanted to cash out for business purposes, i.e., to improve the subject property. Closed in just ten days.

Location: Sacramento, CA

Lending Bee funded a seasoned investor within nine days!

Our team helped a seasoned investor acquiring and managing commercial properties in California, who sought additional funds for his deal. The deal was funded within 9 days. It was used to purchase the commercial property in San Diego, CA, which will continue to operate in the rental model as the borrower planned.

Location: San Diego, CA

Fast and flexible financing for your real estate investment projects in California

Lending Bee Inc offers a variety of hard money loan options secured by real estate, including fix and flip loans, bridge loans, and construction loans. Our team of experts will work closely with you to find the right loan option and guide you through the entire loan process. Contact us today to learn more.

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