1st Liens

    • Up to 75% LTV
    • Rates from 9.99%
    • 12 – 24 months loan term
    • No Minimum FICO

    2nd Liens

      • Up to 65% CLTV


    1st Liens

    • Up to 75% LTV
    • Rates from 9.99%
    • 12 – 24 months loan term=
    • No Minimum FICO

    2nd Liens

    • Up to 65% CLTV


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    1st Liens

    • Up to 75% LTV.
    • Start rate – from 9.99%.
    • 12 – 24 months loan term.
    • No Minimum FICO.

    2nd Liens

    • Up to 65% CLTV.
    • 1st lien must be conventional bank & must agree to junior lien


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    Up to 85% LTC but not to exceed 65% LTARV

    • from 10% rate
    • Minimum score – 640
    • 12 months. Longer term possible depending on scenario
    • “No-experience” flippers – case by case
    • Marketable location

    Fix and Flip

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    • Purpose: Purchase and refinance. transactions Loan Amounts: $150K – $25MM.
    • Term: 12 months, interest only. Longer term available in some cases (up to 24 months).
    • Credit Score: Not credit score driven.
    • Prepayment Premium: Case by case.
    • Broker Fees: Case by case but minimum is 2 points.
    • Lender Fees: Average of $2,500.
    • Other Fees: Valuation, due diligence fees – depending on transaction.


    • Lending Locations: nationwide. (For ineligible locations, contact your Account Executive for details.)
    • Experience: First Time Investor MAX 65% LTV.
    • Income Verification: Simple documentation.
    • Down Payment: No source
    • Appraisal Process: Contact your Account Executive to learn about our streamlined process and cost. Impounds None.
    • Foreign Investors: 65% maximum LTV.

    Bridge Loans: General Guidelines

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Process for Securing A Loan - Here's What To Expect

Though the landscape of real estate investment varies, several core steps remain consistent when applying for a hard money loan.

  • Pre-approval

    Exploring options to leverage your real estate investment? Need fast, flexible funding? Lending Bee's hard money loans might just be your solution. With no prepayment penalties, these loans let you clear your debt sooner, if you choose. Even with less-than-perfect credit scores, you stand a chance to qualify. Whether you're looking to invest in your first property or seeking to expand your portfolio, our loans can be a great option.

  • Points

    As a borrower, you may opt to pay points - a fee calculated as a percentage of the loan amount, to the lender, which can help decrease the interest rate on your loan. This might necessitate an additional fee but could save you money in the long run through lower interest payments. Consult with our loan advisors to ascertain whether this option is right for you.

  • Loan Application

    The loan application process requires comprehensive details about you, your financial standing, and the property you intend to finance. Our dedicated team will review the submitted information meticulously, including your credit history.

  • Down Payment

    Typically, we require a down payment that demonstrates your commitment and shares the risk of the investment. The exact amount can vary depending on the specifics of the loan and your situation. Our LTV can go as high as 80%.

  • Appraisal

    A property is appraised to determine its market value. This process takes into account prices of comparable properties in the area, ensuring an accurate and fair valuation.

  • Securing a Rate

    With hard money loan rates susceptible to change, we guarantee the rate you were initially quoted when you lock in your loan rate. We start from 9.99%.

  • Loan Review Process

    After the appraisal, we'll review your loan application in detail, making sure every aspect aligns with our lending policies and your investment goals.

  • Signing

    Once everything is in place, all the documents are transferred to a title company for you to sign. Any remaining fees or funds are due at this time.

Fast and flexible financing for your real estate investment projects in California

Lending Bee Inc offers a variety of hard money loan options secured by real estate, including fix and flip loans, bridge loans, and construction loans. Our team of experts will work closely with you to find the right loan option and guide you through the entire loan process. Contact us today to learn more.

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