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Home is where the heart is.

We at Lending Bee, Inc. understand just how important it is for every one to own a home that is truly one’s own. The house is every person’s sanctuary, comfort, and pride. With this in mind, we have made it our primary objective to assist home buyers and home refinancing seekers in their quest for the best home loan and mortgage package.

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The American Dream

We believe that living the American Dream of owning a house is one of the sweetest accomplishments one could ever achieve. People have different tastes, backgrounds, and preferences, and so we do our best to continue providing customized financing packages to match different people’s choices.

Our clients are our biggest and most important partners, and so we spend as much time and energy with them to determine the loan program that most comfortably fits their budget, while at the same time allowing them to purchase the best home they could ever want.

Mortgage Acquisition Made Easy!

With the knowledge of the complexities involved in acquiring a mortgage, and the ease brought about by technology, we at the Lending Bee have come up with a system that allows borrowers to obtain loan approvals in as fast as a few hours, letting them move in to their new homes within as short as two weeks! Lending Bee’s automated submission and underwriting process enables borrowers to fill out the mortgage loan application either on their home computer or in a Realtor's office after agreeing to an offer.

With the recent economic crisis, more opportunities to acquire a beautiful and affordable new home have bee opened for you. Take advantage of this auspicious moment—buy a new home now. We’ll help you all the way.

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Read what homebuyers and homeowners have said about Lending Bee.

“If you’re looking for a great loan provider here in California, I say LOOK NO MORE!!!LENDING BEE was HELPFUL, their customer help responds QUICKLY, they know a LOT about their business & you can haggle for a reasonably priced deal.We’re all excited for our upcoming home!!! Thanks for the help!” – Matt Johnson

“We’ve been looking around for a good mortgage company for a year now but haven’t quite decided on any. Coincidentally, my brother-in-law told me about this [Lending Bee]. (Lending Bee helped his parents buy their retirement home last year.) So he brought me to their office in Sta. Monica and they were all very kind and cheerful. Absolutely nice atmosphere. Their real estate guy even gave us an hour-long free consultation on mortgages and loans and real estate and stuff. I’ve learned a lot just by talking with them.” – Samuel Carter

“We just got wed last July and we didn’t have that much money to buy our own house yet, so we Googled and eventually found the Lending Bee website. They offer tons of information in their website about what financing is and all that, so my husband said why don’t we try them? We called them up and the day after, we were in their office. The staff here sure knows what they’re talking about. They discussed all the options with us. We got the package we wanted at a sweet price. All these in just 2 days. :-) Thank you so much for the assistance and great service.” – Maggie Edwards