Land Loans

Everything You Need to Know About Hard Money Land Loans

You’ve had your eye on the perfect piece of property for a while now. You’ve done your homework and you are as ready as you will ever be to buy. But before you head out to the bank to try and get approved for a loan, you should be aware that most of the time, banks don’t approve loan applications for raw land.

Does that mean you are out of luck? No! Lending bee, Inc. can help.

It is true, that land is the lowest level of collateral and even most private lenders shy away from financing raw land, but some transactions are still doable.

Which types of land transactions we can help with:

  • Urban land only in major metropolitan cities
  • No more than 50% of acquisition cost
  • Raw or fully entitled land
  • Land for Hillside construction
  • Conforming parcels of land next to a build home on similar parcels
  • Future Real Estate development by experienced contractors and developers
  • Business Purpose transactions only
Rate and Costs:

These loans are the most expensive ones and mostly depend on 3 things: Location, Location, Location. Call or email with a scenario.

What we cannot do:

  • NO Rural Land
  • NO Land for Agricultural use (Cannabis/Marijuana included)
  • NO environmentally hazardous land
  • NO MORE than 50% Loan-to-Value
  • NO false appraisals please. We do our own valuations.
  • NO Bailout loans. If you couldn’t pay your previous lender, we wouldn’t be the lender that will foreclose on you
  • NO transactions for future construction of Owner Occupied properties
Rate and Costs:

Yes, land loans are tough, but those in metropolitan cities that will be developed by experienced investors are very doable. Forget about the banks on land loans – they won’t touch 99% of them. Call your local experienced Hard Money lender for a quote.


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